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Bootstrap Business: A Step-by-Step Business Survival Guide

"Bootstrap Business" is written for a wide-ranging audience that extends far beyond the stereotypical, would-be entrepreneur. The book is intended for:

  • Those working in the corporate world who want control of their life by undertaking a venture on the side
  • Those who are looking at creating an exit strategy from corporate America by carefully growing a business to where it will provide them with that opportunity
  • Those in a position to bring a few thousand dollars to the dreams they wish to pursue
  • Those who are already running their own business and who need additional help in achieving their full potential
  • The working class who desire to break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck
  • Those who have the entrepreneurial bug and need structure and direction that will help them pursue their dreams

The Principles Taught Are Applicable to All
Any determined individual can employ the principles presented in "Bootstrap Business" and find success. The concepts are not specific to any one type of business and can be applied to small, private businesses or to technology-driven startups. The book is full of solid principles to help the reader create honest, long-lasting value, whatever his or her field may be.

Novice Bootstrappers Will Save Millions of Dollars
The wisdom and practicality of this book will help beginning business owners navigate the big issues: taxes, partnership agreements, scaling, and hiring, to name a few. There is no simple checklist to follow for making money or how to avoid losing money. Instead, a certain mindset and philosophy are required in order to make informed decisions. "Bootstrap Business" provides insight into that mindset as well as actionable guidance one needs to follow to avoid the big mistakes while developing a winning posture.

Business Owners Will Learn Principles and Practices They May Be Missing
There are huge numbers of existing small business owners who will greatly benefit from "Bootstrap Business". The authors initially developed the book for startup entrepreneurs but have found that small business owners are the most vocal audience requesting this book. Many of the potholes small business owners must navigate on a daily basis are addressed. Issues such as how to scale a business, how to compete with larger companies, and how to manage cash flow are at the heart of the book’s message.

Seasoned Entrepreneurs Will Nod in Agreement
Experienced entrepreneurs will embrace this book because it helps them better communicate the fundamental concepts they have experienced. It will provide them a structure and framework with which to build their future endeavors.