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Chapter Titles for Bootstrap Business

1. GRIT!
  • Getting unstuck when you need a change
  • Answering the question “How bad do you want it?”
  • Assessing yourself and your suitability
  • Identifying who you work for
  • Uncovering the myth of corporate security
2. Juice to the Light Bulb
  • Developing, cultivating, and harvesting ideas
  • Scheduling uninterruptible time
  • Spotting the next big wave
  • Finding your passion and avoiding your poison
  • Looking for higher purposes
3. Power Tools
  • Applying the Five Forces Model to evaluate ideas
  • Using the Competitive Matrix to find the right niche
  • Assessing opportunities
  • Classifying the phase your business is in
  • Understanding money—generating, collecting, disbursing
4. Got Gas?
  • Finding the funding you’ll need to get off the ground
  • Setting aside emotions
  • Attending to the numbers
  • Distinguishing between persistence and reality
5. The Rules
  • Setting and living by your rules
  • Establishing your company’s culture
  • Setting expectations
  • Avoiding the creation of the world you’re escaping
  • Risking only what you can lose
6. Boring!
  • Selecting the right legal entity for your business
7. Fish & Partners
  • Knowing what to look for in a partner
  • Understanding what a partner is—and isn’t
  • Setting expectations you both can share
  • Knowing when not to take on partners
  • The rule of three
8. Avoiding Cow Pies
  • Learning to sidestep the big mistakes
  • Avoiding the cash-flow trap
  • Watching for shifts in the landscape
9. I Never Want to be a Doctor
  • Learning to scale your business
  • Creating assets, not jobs
  • Getting your plan in place
10. Motion or Momentum?
  • Assessing the value of your time
  • Applying the 80/20 Rule
  • Holding the five-minute meeting
  • Learning to act, not react
  • Distinguishing between the urgent and the important
11. Climb High, Sleep Low
  • Learning to trust your gut
  • Cultivating your imagination
  • Rewarding yourself—strategically
  • Building physical and financial reserves
  • Achieving balance
12. The Heart and the Head of the Entrepreneur
  • Building stamina
  • Understanding loneliness
  • Learning from failures
  • Expecting success
  • Doing the hard things
13. Fire, Fire, Fire, Aim
  • Finding opportunities
  • Getting past plowing and start planting
  • Transforming opportunities into success
  • Getting traction quickly
  • Staying ahead of the competition
14. Act Big, Behave Small
  • Creating the right image while containing costs
  • Projecting confidence and competence
  • Practicing frugality
  • Hiring smart
15. Building a Killer Team
  • Identifying the top three members of your team
  • Learning to be slow to hire, quick to fire
  • Letting your team members do their work
  • Laying out your office and workflow
16. The Holy Grail
  • Creating a vibrant and viable culture
  • Letting your actions do the talking
  • Not letting your culture define itself
17. Embrace Accountability
  • Understanding and accepting that personal ownership means personal accountability
18. Dancing with the Devil
  • Knowing your competitors—and everything about them
  • Practicing the fine art of cooperative competition
  • Creating your own unique value
  • Keeping your costs below the competition’s
19. No Exit Strategy?
  • Planning your exit at the outset
  • Aligning with those that will want you
  • Avoiding greed
  Rich’s Last Words
  • Remembering the attributes critical to success:
  • Unalterable determination
  • An undeviating support system
  • A greater purpose