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Avoiding Cow Pies


Business has its own sorts of cow pies. It can be easy to let your accounts receivable start to lag, for example, or to slacken the frequency of tracking your cash flow. Once you start into that particular pasture, though, you’re bound to wind up with a boot stuck in the muck. In this chapter, Rich has made it his goal to outline four of the most common “cow pies” in business. As with the real thing, do your level best to avoid these not-so-fun surprises. They are: the unmonitored cash flow trap, lagging accounts receivable, out-of-balance suppliers and customers, and failure to assess your ever-changing business landscape. Cow pies are not entirely avoidable. No matter how gingerly you step, you will, from time to time, feel the squish under your shoe and the queasiness in your stomach that accompanies a misstep. Happily for you—and your shoes—you can circumvent most cow pie snafus with a bit of conscientious planning.