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Dancing with the Devil


As a teenager, I played on a football team in Flagstaff, Arizona. We were playing an away game against a team that didn’t seem incredibly motivated. The game turned out to be an easy win, and one of my teammates quipped, “I bet if we hadn’t shown up, they would have still lost!” He didn’t know how true his statement was. In order to truly test yourself and your new business idea, you need competition. If your competition doesn’t show, you’re set up to lose.

There are so many questions and variables involved with regard to competition. Most people are timid about interacting with their competition. Even worse, many business owners don’t think they have any, or don’t want it. Competition keeps you hungry, honest, and moving forward. High tides float all boats. When your competition is advertising, one byproduct benefiting your business is the unexpected marketing you get from their advertising. You must know your competition’s strategies, their position in your market, and their weaknesses. Competition is a healthy part of the entrepreneur’s diet.