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Fire, Fire, Fire, Aim


So, you want to start your own business? Let’s take a look at the MBA model and see what’s expected of you. First you have to qualify and quantify the market. Next, you need to spend an enormous amount of time building a detailed business plan. Once the plan is in place you create your Performa. Only after you have finely crafted business plan and exhaustive pro forma in hand you are ready for the next steps. For us, this method has a consistent success rate: 0%.

Why? Your guess is as good as ours. Perhaps the market moved while we painstakingly created our business plan and pro forma. Perhaps our aim was off-target a bit to begin with. Maybe we spent so much time focused on gathering facts and forecasting returns that we forgot about the possibilities. We have seen a lot of success using another, less-conventional method, something we like to call “Fire, Fire, Fire, Aim.” It may seem counterintuitive at first but it is our most powerful tool in creating new businesses.