Throughout the year Rich and Ron teach a Bootstrap Business Boot Camp. These Boot Camps include either 1/2 day or two and a half days of intensive interactive study. The group size is limited to 20 participants for each camp for an intimate setting for individualized attention and learning. Each participant receives guidance for bootstrapping a business through stories, intellectual activities, collaborative activities and a move your business forward exercise.


2-1/2 Day Boot Camp

Rich Christiansen and Ron E. Porter teamed up to write a entrepreneurial recipe book, Bootstrap Business: A Step-by-Step Business Survival Guide.  Over the course of starting 28 businesses, Rich has developed a proven process for small business creation.  As part of writing the book, Rich and Ron once again tested the principles and created CastleWave, LLC—a thriving SEO business—that saw a first year’s revenue of over one million dollars (at over 50 percent margin) and is gearing up to top that in the second.

This course will walk through the process of creating your own business, from generating the idea to making your exit, and everything in between. 


Course Description

This 3 day course consists of interactive sessions taught by real life stories and examples, from both the successful businesses and the failures.  It explains Rich and Ron’s process to take a $5,000 investment and bootstrap a successful company.

  • Build a business from where you are.
  • Avoid the big mistakes that kill most businesses.
  • Secure your future financially while maintain a balanced lifestyle.

This vibrant and actionable training will explore Rich and Ron’s experiences in launching companies.  Focus will be on individual exercises and group activities to specifically progress each attendee’s business and strengthen small business skills. In a personal environment, registrant’s can test their business ideas, ask questions, and receive one-on-one feedback from the instructors.

Hard work is required.  You can do it.  Bootstrap Business teaches you how.


Course Content

This course covers all the basics in business creation and development:

  • How to generate business ideas and pick the good ones
  • What rules to set as you start your business
  • How to choose a partner that will be an asset to the company
  • How to generate the funds to keep your business alive
  • The major cow pies that you must avoid as you grow
  • How to balance life as an entrepreneur
  • Ways to build a killer team
  • Why you need to start with an exit strategy in mind and how to create one


Course Objective

To be an entrepreneur requires three things: unalterable determination, an undeviating support system, and a higher purpose. Through coming to understand themselves as well as basic business forces, registrants will exit the Bootstrap Business course with the grit, momentum, and the entrepreneurial heart and head to succeed.