Sharon Larsen

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in International Politics from Brigham Young University (Provo, UT) in 2005, Sharon’s goal was to work as an intelligent analyst for the FBI. While waiting for that dream to materialize, she began working for Rich in several of the businesses he was running at the time. She quickly realized that her passion for business exceeded her passion for politics and changed her career path. She also rediscovered her love of writing after being put in charge of one of the company’s blogs, Beauty Secrets 101—a little different from writing research papers on the Arab-Israeli conflict, but Sharon soon had 1,000 subscribers interested in hair styling tips and Jennifer Aniston’s makeup.

After just over a year with the company, Sharon returned to school for her MBA which she completed in April 2009. Sharon has since rejoined Rich’s team and enjoys blogging about the company’s history and Bootstrap Business. Sharon is living proof that anyone can become interested in entrepreneurship, even if it has not been a lifelong ambition.

Sharon grew up in Denver, Colorado, so she enjoys all things outdoors. Interestingly enough, she has only been skiing once in her life though. In what spare time she can muster, Sharon enjoys reading, running, and cleaning.