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“This book is the one of the most practical, sound and wise investments you will ever make in your small business. Buy it, study it, use it—and prosper!”

- Joseph Grenny, New York Times best-selling author

You've heard stories of overnight business success. We can't help you with that.

You've probably heard dozens of corny get rich schemes. We promise that you won't get rich quickly simply by attending a Bootstrap Boot-Camp or reading our materials.

But you will learn how to start and grow a strong, healthy business, without a whole lot of money - faster than you probably anticipated.

You'll learn to Bootstrap your business – from real world entrepreneurs who have Bootstrapped dozens of their own.


You'll learn to be a better Bootstrapper and Entrepreneur.

If you understand that its going to be hard work, and that nothing is guaranteed - but want to know how to maximize your chances of business success – we can certainly help. 

The fastest, most effective way is to attend either a Half-Day Basic Training Session or full-blown Bootstrap Boot-Camp


Rich and Ron

Think you have great business idea? Then put it to the test at a Half-Day Basic Training Session. You”ll find out if you have a winner, and if you don't, what steps you can take to come up with one. And we'll teach you what we call the Zig Zag principle, and how it will enable you to correctly take the first three critical steps needed to launch a business off the ground. Garrett Gunderson Power Hour

The Bootstrap Boot -Camp is 3 day business development workshop where you'll learn to apply specific tactics to your business. This isn't a theory-filled seminar, but a ground-level, action oriented workshop that will show you specific steps to take. It's coaching. It's planning. It's applicable strategy. And it will give you a much better chance of realizing your goals.

Find out where and when the next Bootstrap Boot-Camp is happening.

You can begin to bootstrap your business, even if you can't attend the boot-camp. One way – get the book - Bootstrap Business - by Rich Christiansen and Ron Porter.

“This book attacks business creation with the same vigor and discipline that I climb mountains. I love how Rich has tied in the analogies of mountain climbing to business creation. If your desire is to reach the summit of small business ownership, don't try it without this survival guide. The book is simple, straightforward and spot on!”

-Ed Viesturs, Himalayan mountain climber and nationally bestselling author of No Shortcuts to the Top

Bootstrap Boot-Camp will show you:

  • How to bootstrap a business starting with very little money
  • How to avoid the big mistakes that kill most small businesses
  • How to secure your future financially while maintaining a balanced lifestyle
  • Why and when to take specific actions that will give you the best chance at success

More than anything – the book will show you that you can do this. You can be a successful entrepreneur. You can build something strong - and all your own.

Want a shortcut? We've made things even easier. We've taken the entire book and cut it up into easy to digest blog posts. Sign up to receive the blog, and check out other free bootstrapping videos and material.


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